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Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

Corrugated cardboard sheets that are available in the market today are often composed of two outer flat sheets (often puncture resistant papers) and a corrugated short fiber paper as a central filling (or the fluting medium). The central filling resists crushing and serves as a cushion to protect the contents of the box. It can reduce stress that can significantly damage the contents of the box particularly fruits and other products.

The outer liners and central filling made of corrugated medium and are bonded together, often with adhesives made of starch. Corn, wheat and potato are the primary ingredients used to glue the liners and corrugated medium together. Based on these facts, the corrugated cardboards are made of natural and sustainable materials that does not harm Earth. Corrugated board sheets are fully recyclable down to the pulp and they can be reused to produce more paper or board once it has been processed. If you are environmentally concious we have good news for you: you will do your job in protecting Earth if you are using corrugated sheets.

These sheets are used in a variety of applications particularly in shipping and packing. Corrugated cardboard sheets are considered to be more flexible than regular cardboard sheets especially if you are packing bulky and irregularly shaped items for either shipping or storage. You can roll corrugated cardboard sheets around items that have round or circular shapes like glassware especially if you plan on moving.

Corrugated cases were initially produced to package glass and other fragile items because they can easily break while they are in transit. Corrugated cases also allowed fruits and other products to be transported from one place to another without being bruised. In return, the retailers were able to improve their sales and this eventually opened up new opportunities for local producers to export their goods including fruits, vegetables and other products that require proper handling and care before and during its transport.

You can easily purchase corrugated cardboard sheets in varied sizes to fit your requirements. If you plan to use  cardboard sheets to stack things inside a box, you need to measure the size of the box as well as the contents that you want to put inside so that you can order the correct size to fit the box. Rolls of corrugated cardboard sheets can be purchased from your local stationary store or packing and shipping stores which can be more convenient because you can easily cut it to the size that fits your needs.

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